Monday, February 25, 2013

'100 Fans' Special Event

We've reached over 100 fans on our Facebook page! To celebrate this accomplishment, we're offering a 20% Discount in our shop until 8PM Tomorrow.

Use Code: STMPNKONI20 when you make your purchase at our Etsy Shop !

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unicorn Edition : Cross My Heart

Announcing a new collection called the Unicorn Edition in which pieces will make a rare appearance in limited quantities. Be sure to keep a lookout for announcements on when these items will show up!

New Unicorn Edition Cross My Heart Pendant now available in my shop here ! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jewelry Collection : Sweet Poison and Gear Up

Wow! Time does fly - it's already February and I've barely posted anything for this month. To be honest, I didn't post much for last month either due to work and setting up shop on my Etsy account. Speaking of Etsy, I'm happy to announce that I was finally able to get around to posting more items in my shop. To be more specific, the items are part of two collections in my shop: Sweet Poison and Gear Up.

Sweet Poison is a collection of pendants, rings, bows , and other accessories that are  packed with candy sprinkles and wicked designs to give them a sweet but deadly appearance.

Sweet Poison - Large Heart Candy Necklace 

Sweet Poison - Crossed Heart Oval Candy Necklace 

Sweet Poison - Skull Candy Oval Necklace 

My second collection called Gear Up are steampunk inspired pieces embedded with cogs and gears fashioned to give off a classy yet modern look.

Cogs and Gears Steampunk Necklaces 

This is just the foundation of what is yet to come. More items will be posted soon under these collections, and a new special edition colleciton will be added for pieces that will make rare appearances in limited quantities. So make sure to keep a lookout on my twitter, tumblr and facebook pages for announcements on when these pieces show up! That's all for now;   Stay Tuned and See You @ the Next Post!