Monday, July 22, 2013

Coming Soon...

New additions to my Gear Up Collection : Clockwork Rings ; I will keep you posted on when they will be listed online. 


SteampunkOni DIY

 I finally created my first feature ad, Woot! This will be one of the main templates to show off some of the latest creations in my shop as well as advertise the social networks I use to post the latest updates. I will also post the links below. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

'100 Fans' Special Event

We've reached over 100 fans on our Facebook page! To celebrate this accomplishment, we're offering a 20% Discount in our shop until 8PM Tomorrow.

Use Code: STMPNKONI20 when you make your purchase at our Etsy Shop !

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unicorn Edition : Cross My Heart

Announcing a new collection called the Unicorn Edition in which pieces will make a rare appearance in limited quantities. Be sure to keep a lookout for announcements on when these items will show up!

New Unicorn Edition Cross My Heart Pendant now available in my shop here ! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jewelry Collection : Sweet Poison and Gear Up

Wow! Time does fly - it's already February and I've barely posted anything for this month. To be honest, I didn't post much for last month either due to work and setting up shop on my Etsy account. Speaking of Etsy, I'm happy to announce that I was finally able to get around to posting more items in my shop. To be more specific, the items are part of two collections in my shop: Sweet Poison and Gear Up.

Sweet Poison is a collection of pendants, rings, bows , and other accessories that are  packed with candy sprinkles and wicked designs to give them a sweet but deadly appearance.

Sweet Poison - Large Heart Candy Necklace 

Sweet Poison - Crossed Heart Oval Candy Necklace 

Sweet Poison - Skull Candy Oval Necklace 

My second collection called Gear Up are steampunk inspired pieces embedded with cogs and gears fashioned to give off a classy yet modern look.

Cogs and Gears Steampunk Necklaces 

This is just the foundation of what is yet to come. More items will be posted soon under these collections, and a new special edition colleciton will be added for pieces that will make rare appearances in limited quantities. So make sure to keep a lookout on my twitter, tumblr and facebook pages for announcements on when these pieces show up! That's all for now;   Stay Tuned and See You @ the Next Post! 

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the New Year so far. I've been pretty busy thus far, creating new pieces for my shop and becoming the pr/creative director of my friend's rock band Mother Folklore. Which means my duties consist of creating flyers, updating their social network accounts, and taking photos of their gigs. Speaking of gigs, I had the opportunity to attend a mini concert last night where I took pictures of the event. This was so much fun since event photography is something I would really love to get into. I will be posting pictures of them as soon as I finish working on them.

As for my shop, there will be several collections that will be making their debut by the end of this month. I'm trying to make as many pieces as I can everyone can have a variety to choose from. I will post pictures of what I'm working on soon, also keep a look out for any updates on my facebook and twitter account!.

Stay Tuned & See You @ the Next Post! 

Monday, December 31, 2012


Hope you all have an awesome New Year's and be safe! Not going to do much today other than lounge around, watch Doctor Who and a bit of jewelry work to post in my shop soon. Speaking of jewelry, I made my first sale! I'm very excited and I hope the customer will enjoy my creation! This motivates me to pursue jewelry making even more. Looking forward to a great year.