Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Me Tell You About Homestuck Part Deux

It's Friday! Friday! Gotta Get Down on Friday! Everybody's ready for the weekend week... ahem, sorry about that. I was supposed to be getting back with you all about the Homestuck event. Now where was I... ah yes, here we go. 

There were plenty of  Homestuck cosplayers at the hangout. They did a pretty decent job with their troll makup and outfits. I wonder how frustrating it was to remove all that body paint off afterwards!

 Trolls Trollin’  LOL!

Everyone who attended the Hangout were asked to bring canned goods to donate to charity.

Over 300 cans were donated; as a fun experiment, the cans were used to build 'Can Town'.

Winner of the Contest

The ones who participated were automatically entered in a contest to donate the most cans.  Naturally, one person won and the prize was a nifty Homestuck scarf.

Can Town at Night

My friends and I spent most of the time drawing at the hangout drawing and singing along to our favorite tunes.

Ashley and Octavia break out into song 

There was a moment when the night turned into a Party when everyone gathered onto the skating rink and started dancing--well everyone except for me;  I found this to be the best time to capture the moment. 
Shayla doing the ROBOT

Work it Gurl!!!

As the hangout was coming to a close we participated in creating a HomeStuck art mural to commemorate our time there.

My Homestuck Art

Shayla's Homestuck Piece

So Many Talented Artist! 

I had a blast! This was my first time being locked in for an event , but it was sweet to try out something new for a change; and hanging out with my best buds made it all the better! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to post more events such as these. With several anime conventions coming up,  I'm sure I won't miss a moment of it.

So Stay Tuned and See You At the Next Post!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Let Me Tell You About Homestuck Part I

Happy New Year! Wow 2011 flew by so quickly! Looking forward to 2012!

December was a pretty uneventful month except for the Hangout. I was invited to a Homestuck all nighter at the Sparkles skating rink a couple weeks back. It was a pretty fun gathering considering that it was a lock-in event from 11pm-7am. I had the opportunity to hang out with some friends and interact with fellow artist and homestuck fans alike. (Due to so many pictures, this will be broken down into two posts.)

Oh, btw: for those who aren't familiar with Homestuck; it's an online webcomic started by a guy named Andrew Hussie about  about a group of trolls embarking on a quest. The webcomic is actually the 4th installment to the series which is posted on his site MS Paint Adventures. The comic itself is an interactive Flash animation/video game that allows the readers to participate as they follow along with the story. It has become an internet phenomenon that exploded into a huge fanbase. 

So now that you have that brief synopsis, check out his site when you have the chance.  On with the show!

My friends Ashley, Shayla, and Octavia waiting to go inside. We stood in the blistering cold for what seemed like hours and felt as if it would take forever to be admitted into the skating rink.


The meetup held up to 200 people!  We had the opportunity to enjoy skating, laser tag, dancing and dined on pizza, pretzels, soda and popcorn (my favorite junk food combo, lol) ; as for breakfast, doughnuts and juice. 

This is one of my favorite pictures; no Homestuck scene is complete without Faygo! That all for now kiddies! Part 2 will be posted soon. Stay Tuned!