Friday, August 31, 2012


Sup kiddies!  Not much to post other than I'm still working on my charms for the Artist Alley.  Will be taking a trip over to my friend's place to continue planning for the big day as she'll also be making her debut at the Artist Alley; we're going to be sharing a table, so figuring out how to set up is important. In other news, DragonCon is this weekend- and once more I'm unable to attend. It's funny that I lived in GA for 10+ years and yet I've never went to one DragonCon. Well there was last year when my friend snuck me in for a short time period, but I still was unable to enjoy the con fully. So help me I will make sure to attend next year. It's a top priority on my list.

Stay Tuned & See You @ the Next Post!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back from Outer Space...

Apologies for such a long delay. After the inevitable event impacted my life, so much has happened in the previous months that I had no drive to update the blog at the time. Now that I'm getting back on top of things, I'll promise to try and post at least twice a month/three times at the max. Now time for an update:

For starters, I purchased a new lens for my camera! It's a Canon 50mm that's perfect for portraits and taking pictures up close. One of the best features of the lens is its ability to bring the main object of interest into focus and push everything else in the background out of focus.

 As I had mentioned before aside from traditional & digital art, my other passions are photography and crafting. Photography wise, I would love to become an event photographer for anime/sci-fi /gaming conventions and local festivals. I decided to make the investment so I can improve my skills with both fixed and zoom lenses. I spared some time to get some practice in with my new lens at the Atlanta Jazz Festival that took place back in May during the Atlanta Jazz Festival:

These were a few shots I managed to capture before my battery pack died on me. It was my fault since I didn't keep it on the dock so that it could receive a full charge. This was also a lesson learned : Always have an extra battery pack with you. I'll really have to keep that in mind when I attend Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) this year. 

Speaking of AWA, this year I'll be in the  Artist Alley for the first time! I'm so excited and nervous all the same as I've longed to start crafting my own charms and jewelry pieces for others to wear and enjoy. However, since this is my first time, I'm taking big risks by letting this convention be my trial and error experiment. On top of that I'm working on a very tight schedule as AWA is a month away.  I hope I get everything finished in time -- I kinda have this habit called procrastination... I'll do my best to post my progress on here and a sneak peek of what I'll be selling. 

Last but not least: yesterday was my birthday! I am now 27 years of age and have only three more years before I'm a grown up (as my older sis puts it) .  It was a quiet birthday which was fine with me-- I had a small barbeque with family members which was pleasant. Funny thing is although I'm a bit older, I still feel like a kid. I guess my sister is right about the grown up part.  

Stay Tuned & See You @ the Next Post!